Age passed in his waiting

Can’t die without seeing him

Our days passed and how it passed

Can’t be explained in words

Oh lord, don’t seize the light of my eyes

As this eye looks for him

Let me breath, he stays in my breaths

I did not let his tears to come out

But when I cried, he left

I hugged him and listen his every single pain

But when I felt low, he ran away

Here, there is selling of bodies, also inner souls

Then, how can a single soul escape

He left my hand in bad times and I burned

My eyes did not sleep for nights

And I want the answer why he cheated….


We will meet…

What happened if we separated

But I am happy, we met

What happened if paths turned

To some distance, we walked together

We will meet at same spot

And the talk which left unsaid last time

Will become our memorable talking

We will meet someday…

Hurting your heart, not my dedication

Will hide my tears, it’s not more than your smile

If no separation, then it will be incomplete

Nothing will finish, we will meet someday…

Watch the crowd of stars without blinking

The two, which are far from the crowd

Accept This is you and me, watch them last time

It will not be there in light,

But tomorrow when this brightness will cease,

We will meet again….

Where that moments gone…..

He went somewhere, world says

But before breathing, he calls my name

The plant of love, he did not pluck it

May be, he was helpless in rituals

But his heart still beats for me

He can’t buy a heart which will not remember me, not love me

Alive….we dead, your blessings

After u, that foggy nights cry

I asked your path to darkness and shared my thoughts with stars

My soul will be separated from you when it will combine with air,

Someday you will come there where we met last,

I will wait for you every moment

Death after death, life after life

Smile where u live, with my silly memories

Yours love…


A laughing picture……

A laughing picture of yours, in front of my eyes

Takes me to the world of imagination,

In colourful dreams, without emotions

To the life after death, where we meet without castes or creed

To also the universe of creations, a different world where souls meet,

To where the magic happens, flying with you & holding your hands,

Whenever I came back to this practical world, again become a dead body with breathing,

Where i always do which i don’t want to,

Where I become a burden,

I act like a sister, a partner, a friend of someone, but lost myself behind, somewhere

How powerful your laughing picture is!

Which can introduce me to myself ,

Just a moment that makes me alive…


An incomplete story…..

Came closer, but still distances are same

An incomplete story of ours

The sky will get earth, whole earth…

It is not compulsory

A love is true when it does not have ending

The fragrances of you, by chance I met

If the paradise here, then why I can’t see you here…all the stars here…

Waiting for you for centuries, with thirst of love…our incomplete story

This journey will end somewhere ,something incomplete will be complete

The sky bowed , both worlds met

The god came here to read our incomplete story by himself….

Be mine….

Eyes feel relaxed every moment

Not tired by staring and looking at you

I can drink the venom from your hands

And finds sea salty water like sweet beverage

This is the story of love between u and me

Everyone wants the moon and my moon sits near me,

Your simplicity is more pure than a pure pearl

I feel that whole universe came in my lap

When I look at your face in moonlight

Our relation is a relation of souls

I will spend the life in waiting of you

Don’t wish for your life, wish for your soul

Want to feel warmth of your love by hugging you

….”Deep” thoughts


three red heart balloons
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

I love that much to you, hundred times in a moment,

if you will leave me, then I wait for death,

what I left for u is world, breathing stops at you,

world is nothing, if u are there only then there is life,

where I have to go now, you are my last journey,

eyes wish to stare at you without blinking,

in my sleeps there are dreams of you,

all the paths has taken me towards  you,

I love that much to you, you can’t even imagine,

yours DEEP