I need answers from you

Dear readers, I hope you all are fine.i am here to ask something. It is deeply associated with my personal life. I want to talk to someone but did not find anyone. Then I decided to write a post about it.

When I was doing my degree last year in Melbourne, I met a beautiful girl whose name is Ankita. We became friends in short period of time. She was married for last six years. Then she met a decent boy in college. They both became friends. They were used to talk late nights. In no time, they became close friends. After that Ankita left her studies in between. That boy was upset that they have separated. With the passage of time, he forgot her, not completely but…yeah, he started to talk others.

On the other hand, Ankita realised that she was in love with that boy. After one and half year, they were chatting and suddenly Ankita told him that she loves him. After that, she tried to behave normally. But she was obsessed about him. The boy said he does not love her because she was already in a relationship. But Ankita felt that he was in love too.

Situation became too worse, that boy blocked her on everywhere, he does not reply to her emails. That boy kissed Ankita once and touched her like a lover do.

My question is that, did Ankita really love him,?? Was boy really in love with her?? Is it mistake of Ankita that she was in love with him ?? Or was Ankita a cheater???

This is my request to all of you please tell me the answers. Anyone who wants to talk with me personally I can give my mobile number to talk. I need help guys….



20 things about myself

1. I am an honest person, I cannot do anything which hurt people in any way.

2. I cannot control my anger, I am zero in anger management. My anger lasts for long time. It’s not like I will behave normally after minutes.

3. I am talkative and funny person as well. I like my sense of humour a lot.

4. I am a negative person, it’s equal to impossible for me to think positively.

5. I like to cry silently at night, i feel very light when I cry

6. I am an emotional fool, if I meet a person for five minutes, then I attach with him or her emotionally, I don’t even forget strangers.

7. I like to enjoy small things, like feeling the rain instead of just getting wet

8. I feel special about myself, because many people say that I am pure by heart.

9. My sixth sense works, many told me and I also feel it.

10. I always worry about my look, I feel so happy when someone give me compliment

11. I don’t like red colour as it reminds me of something painful.

12. I love to create suspense in someone’s life with my talkings

13. I do not have a single friend, I left the idea that I can have friends, may be I am better alone.

14. I am a passionate student

15. I do not know how to talk, how to socialise with people, but I try to impress others.

16. I love the round shape of my face, but I don’t like my teeth.

18. I have my clear goal in my life that what I want to do.

19. I hate selfish people

20. I love to click my photos, and can stare them for a long time without blinking my eyes.

I ask you all, what type of person I am ??????

Darkness of grief

In crowd, in loneliness, in depth of thirst,

In pain, in memories, I only miss you,

You make me laugh, you make me cry,

We both are tied in the memories of threads,

Let me melt in your arms, call my name again,

Tomorrow’s sun is for you, I will disappear soon,

The remembrance of your thoughts,

Makes thousands of images,

There are nests of confusions,

The travel of years, in one moment,

Whenever your shadow deserts me,

Then there is only loneliness,

The paths of distress and darkness of grief,

Even he is now lost to me,

I still remember the days when he came to placate me,

I feel like crying, but tears would not flow

Now pain placate me instead of you,


Me with psychiatrists

As usual, she started to ask,

Are you okay??

Her question made me a more serious patient of her, if I am okay then I should not be here, I answered.

Are you taking medication on regular basis?

I don’t have any option without it.

She was more busy to reply on what’s app to her dear ones, rather than examine a patient,

How is your social life? She started again

It’s always good to stay in your world, there is no need to frank with people,

Do you want to say something about you??

No, not at all.

Thank you, now we will meet on 16th of August..

I can’t come, I replied

I realised I was a burden for her, a headache

Psychiatrists are more mentally sick than their patients,

There is nothing changed in these 8 years,

Days turn into months, months into years,

Every year, a new psychiatrist

Everything begins from end and it goes on,

A patient can be fine if he wants to (in mental illness), As I wanted to be..

I defeated my imagination world with my will power…

Goodbye, doctor


Age passed in his waiting

Can’t die without seeing him

Our days passed and how it passed

Can’t be explained in words

Oh lord, don’t seize the light of my eyes

As this eye looks for him

Let me breath, he stays in my breaths

I did not let his tears to come out

But when I cried, he left

I hugged him and listen his every single pain

But when I felt low, he ran away

Here, there is selling of bodies, also inner souls

Then, how can a single soul escape

He left my hand in bad times and I burned

My eyes did not sleep for nights

And I want the answer why he cheated….

We will meet…

What happened if we separated

But I am happy, we met

What happened if paths turned

To some distance, we walked together

We will meet at same spot

And the talk which left unsaid last time

Will become our memorable talking

We will meet someday…

Hurting your heart, not my dedication

Will hide my tears, it’s not more than your smile

If no separation, then it will be incomplete

Nothing will finish, we will meet someday…

Watch the crowd of stars without blinking

The two, which are far from the crowd

Accept This is you and me, watch them last time

It will not be there in light,

But tomorrow when this brightness will cease,

We will meet again….

Where that moments gone…..

He went somewhere, world says

But before breathing, he calls my name

The plant of love, he did not pluck it

May be, he was helpless in rituals

But his heart still beats for me

He can’t buy a heart which will not remember me, not love me

Alive….we dead, your blessings

After u, that foggy nights cry

I asked your path to darkness and shared my thoughts with stars

My soul will be separated from you when it will combine with air,

Someday you will come there where we met last,

I will wait for you every moment

Death after death, life after life

Smile where u live, with my silly memories

Yours love…