Friends, I neither have destination nor a mate Still going out, perhaps, This finding is my destination


I will still want you…

people standing in front of sunlight while holding hands
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in your arms, I felt my journey is only to you

it starts from you and ends at you

my story is to you, your silence gives pleasure to me 

I will still want you ,

if I open my eyes, want to see you is my desire

I cant be patient to bear your absence 

perhaps I can forget myself,  but not to you 

you are my life, you are my heart 

I want to die in your dreaming

you are left in myself like an awake  soul ………..



person walking on road between trees
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I had an illusion to find the real world ”imaginary”

because of strange voices of water in my ears

These were killing me like a needle is pricking

want to lost my path in an unreal  world  

but people from real world are stopping me to go in my world

I find them enemies, but somewhere in my heart

I knew that this imaginary world will seize my identity, my emotions

without pain, without feelings, the life will be wonderful

to experience it I need to go there….where I will only exist 



you came in my life as spring comes after autumn

stay in my heart like love stay there

you are also in my eyes as dreams

but I am sad because you cannot be mine

my conditions are helpless like me

the wound is fresh yet and you want that I must laugh….

I don’t know how people fall in love in this strange world

whenever I had beautiful dreams, I only got dark shadows out of it

then I realize, we meet thousands, we remember hundreds

they stay in heart like memory and separated one day

some new strangers are always there to meet…….



forget about me

forget about me, good bye to you

this is your journey, your path

you have to live without me

you are hopes of new morning

and I am faded evening with darkness

where the spring blooms , you will find me there

I will meet you like this, promise with you

you will have to forget about me

my attitude, my mistakes

this is your world with your imagination

forget about infatuation, with me






Get yourself

yes, this is your path….now you knew it

yes, this is your dream….you identified it now

you have to proof now, get your goal at any cost

whether the worse weather be an obstacle for you

you will have to get your goal at any coast

one who walks with courage, earth can shiver under the feet

what distances can do, the destination will welcome to you

hopes will always be  with you because you are strong enough

lets fly high in the sky with joy, meet the heaven there

now nothing is hard, you have to believe

do something with your heart, to make GOD more cheerful

cut all the worries with a knife, to get the meaning of your life





request to the creator,

how can I say thanks to your blessings,

In happiness, whole world is there,

in loneliness, there is only you with me,

you are there in my conscious mind,

you take care of my world,

I remember you every moment,

you are my protector always,

I am dyed of your colour, 

will not ever leave your door,

please connect myself to your feet,

maintain distance from black deeds,

oh lord, make me a human from  devil,